Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some people get right on my wick!

There is a girl who sits close to me who is always whinging about how little money she has. Which is normally ok as we are all skint.

However, this fucking bitch winds me up for the following reason.

  • She is a fully qualified accountant and is on around £40,000 at least.

  • Her bonus this year was £7,000 (mine was zero)

  • Her husband is also in a very well paid professional job.

  • She has one child, which her mums looks after and so pays no Nursery fees.

  • She has TWO houses, one of which she rents out and that covers that mortgage with a bit to spare.

  • She a whinging bitch

  • She is constantly going away for Holidays (went to see Robbie Williams in Paris last week and is off to New York shopping next month)

  • She is a whinging bitch

  • She is always making mistakes at work and blaming other people.

  • She has just complained how much her new kitchen is costing (£24,000)

  • I hate the cow

Rant over.

1 comment:

Donna said...

I hate her too.