Monday, June 12, 2006

What a Fantastic Week Off.

I sat in work on Monday morning looking outside at the glorious sunshine, and after a brief look to see the forecast for the rest of the week, I thought; Fuck This for a game of Soldiers…

So I took the rest of the week off.

And what a fabulous week it was, it really felt like a full overseas holiday without the expense for travel. I would rate it as my best holiday ever.

The sunshine was endless, and the booze was flowing. The laughter and general gaiety was boundless.

We spent hours and hours down beaches, in Parks, eating takeaways and lots of ice-creams.

The highlight of the week was the BBQ we threw at a moments notice on Friday evening. I made a lorry load of homemade burgers and Maxine out did her self in home made Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Chicken and beef kebabs, salads etc… There was enough food to feed an Army. Plus tonnes of people turned up with loads of kids. We had very little tears from both young and old. No one ran out of food or drink, and we had a great laugh. An excellent evening in all.

Alas it was all over this morning, back at work.

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