Tuesday, February 06, 2007

40th Birthday and Job Rant

Well tomorrow actually, but I can’t wait till Wednesday, when I am official old and or middle aged. I shall be the 40; half my life gone and the other half to look forward too.

So if anyone wants to send gifts, please feel free.

I like those vouchers from the Bank of England or the Isle of Man Bank (yes we do have our own money), please.

Anyway on with the Rant:

I applied for a Job a few weeks back and heard nothing. Literally, no thank you for your application; no sorry you were unsuccessful on this occasion. Absolutely nothing.

Flicking through the paper over the weekend, I noticed that the exact same job was advertised.

I had mentioned to one of the lads at work that I had applied for a job at this Bank. They happened to mention that a mutual mate’s girlfriend worked there.

So I fired off an email to her asking was it worth re-applying for the Job as I had heard nothing after my first application.

Here is her reply:
I spoke to the IT Manager here, and he went and checked as they didn't receive a lot of responses for the position and he didn't recall your name. After checking, it appears that they have not received your application. Can you tell us how and when did you send in your application form? Perhaps others have not made it in to us either!

At the time I even rang the HR person up to ensure she had received my application and she said, Yes, I’m just taking it to the IT manager now…. Bollocks.

What she’s done is: quickly gone through the applications and thrown out the best. She’s then put her Sons/Cousins/Best Friends application on the top with a couple of no hopers.

This is the way, things work round these parts, and you just have to get used to it.

Anyway, I have now used the Old Boy Network to get my application in front of the IT Manager and hopefully with a good word or two thrown in.


Spinsterella said...

You never get rejection letters any more.

Just that slowly dawning realisation, weeks later, that you're not even going to get an interview.

Hello - btw - are you 'no-one-really'?

No one Really said...

Hi Spinsterella

Er yes I am 'no-one-really'

Thank you for commenting on our Blog.