Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bank Charges Revisited

Thanks a million.

This goes out to all you smart asses who have managed to claw back those 'unfair' charges the Banks have made coz you were so dumb you went excessively overdrawn.

You harp on about being charged £50 for exceeding your pre-agreed overdraft and how you're fighting for the little guy against the nasty, greedy Banks; bullshit.

Well, the boss of Nationwide has come out and declared it would be fairer to charge EVERYONE for current accounts. No doubt the other Banks will happily agree with this.

Now I will have to start paying for my well run account coz of all those 'charge whiners' who are too thick to have an account in the first place.

The Banks have been itching for an excuse to charge for all accounts - their profits will soar.



PaulB said...

And this from the sad fuckers over at Manx Forums


shows just how much a problem it is. "I got 5 grand back, aren't I great". So because people think they are clever claiming back THEIR charges because of THIER unauthorised borrowing the rest of us get to pay for what are currently free services. Coonts, coonts, COOONNNTTSSS!

PaulB said...


Full link this time.