Friday, February 02, 2007

Cool Jedi Dude

I'm a big fan of all things StarWars; the movies, the, that's it. The movies and books. NOT the figures, I'm not some sort of weird geek boy.

And everyone knows, the Jedi and their Force powers are the best bit. Like when Obi-Wan approaches a door and, with a subtle swoosh of their hand, they cause it to 'magically' open WITHOUT TOUCHING THE HANDLE.

Well, I have recently attained Jedi status and can now perform this amazing feat of kinetic manipulation. It takes huge concentration and mental control and (so far) only seems to work on lifts and supermarkets - but I get a big buzz out of the admiration I see in people's eyes as they watch me perform my 'space magic'.

"Are you venturing into Marks and Spencers madam? Allow me"
And with a wave, the doors inexplicably spring apart.

So that was my Saturday afternoon. God, I looked so cool.

1 comment:

Ady Hall said...

Yeah - I love that!

And try the old Jedi mind trick when you next walk into MacDonalds. After you finish ordering a Big Mac and drink - concentrate on the greasy individual serving you and and repeat 'Wud you like fries with that...'

And be amazed when the spotty one repeats back to you 'Wud you like fries with that...'