Thursday, February 22, 2007

Err, come on Liverpool!

Despite being born on the Isle of Man a good 80% of my blood line is from Manchester, which means deep, deep, deep within me there is a hatred of Scousers. I can't help it, some people choose to hate them, mine is genetics. I do have a few scouse friends, being on Little Liverpool it's really hard to avoid them all. The one thing I've always stuck to though is that I have always wanted them to lose football games, no matter who they were playing. If they were playing Saddam's select XI I'd want the dirty scousers to get a hammering.

Last night though, during the Barcelona v Liverpool game something changed. It all started well, I sat there with the smuggest face that the Mayor of Smugville in Smugland could manage as Barcelona took the lead. I laughed at every Liverpool mistake , useless wankers. But as I watched more closely, something started to annoy me more than the Scouse. The lazy, diving, arrogant Catalonians. Now I know that Liverpool are hardly full of English players but it seems that playing in the English league instills in players a need to work, to try hard and to bloody well try and entertain. Barcelona's world famous stars we're happy to just stand there doing fuck all until they got the ball, got tackled and then roll three hundred times on the floor crying. Again, I know the Premier League is hardly devoid of falling over like fags but the continentals bring it to a whole new level, it is after all where diving and being injured was invented. It was funny to notice that the only Barcelona player to actually run his bollacks off was ex-Chelsea Gudjonsson who came on as a sub. After 20 minutes of this shite I decided that Liverpool deserved something, £100,000 a week footballers standing around doing sweet FA unless they are given the ball is a disgrace, they should be thrown out of the game, ok maybe a bit harsh, not paid then. So I was not upset when Liverpool scored first an equaliser and then a winner. I couldn't bring myself to cheer, but I cracked a smile. It was nice to see people getting something out of life because of the effort they put in.

What last night taught me more than anything is that we should limit the foreign players who play in England. It's not that we are limiting our young players, it's that we are teaching all these other nations how to play with passion, pace and desire. We know we're not the most skillful nation in the world but we have always got by on working harder, now we're showing other countries how to work hard we're screwed, and that's why we probably wont win anything in international football ever again, certainly not in my lifetime.

The other thing I noticed was that our TV producers are a world of difference better than the Spanish. I'll forgive them that the HD wasn't actual HD but how many times do you have to show a slow motion replay of a Barcelona Gay Boy throwing himself to the ground. Obviously ten isn't enough. Between that and the random crowd shots made me wonder if the Spanish have had TV long, is it a novelty to them, or maybe they're just useless?

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