Monday, February 12, 2007

My 40th and the Fall-Out

It was my Birthday Party on Saturday, and the wife and I were joined by 5 other couples to celebrate the fact I am middle aged, yet look early 30’s.

The night started very well, an hour’s socialable drinking in the newly refurbished Railway. We split up in to them and us (girls and boys) and enjoyed a few pints. We then headed over to Coasters for the meal, well most of us did. The girls managed to leave behind one of their own, and it wasn’t till they had been sat down for 5 mins that this was noticed.

The meal in itself was uneventful, apart from the usual from Bin Bon. Initially her food was not what she thought it would be from the description, so she sent it back. Then the replacement food wasn’t cooked enough, so that was sent back, just an average meal with Bin Bon.

At this point I was getting merrily drunk on Guinness. Once the meal was over, we headed off for a couple in C’la vie. Nothing special here, just a couple of pints. We were only there about an hour at the most before it was closing time, with not really having a plan, we umed and arhed over what to do. We were going to invite everyone back to ours, but we knew we didn’t have much alcohol in. So the Doyle’s kindly suggested we all come back to theirs, which was really kind of them as they hadn’t met the rest of the people there, until that night.

We called a Taxi and waited 30 mins for it to show up. I jumped in the front and the rest clambered in the back. 2 mins in to the journey the taxi driver pulled in to the side of the road and stopped the cab. The people in the back could then hear him having a right go at me, and those that knew me were probably thinking, “WTF has he said now…..”

Actually, I thought I hadn’t said anything up setting….

To pass the time and just to be friendly, I jokingly said, “I don’t suppose you have any Mince Pies left over from Christmas as part of your in-flight entertainment?”

Well the old codger went ballistic, “If you are going to carry on like that, you can all get out. I’m not the pissed up one, I here just trying to do my job, I haven’t been drinking all night….” And on and on he went.

Obviously, we had already waited 30 mins in the cold, so no one elected to get out. We said nowt and he drove on.

As I was paying, I happened to say, “I’m sure you’ll understand if I don’t give you a tip, fella”.

Well off he went again, about Health and Safety (don’t ask me I haven’t a clue what that was all about) and all sorts, shouting and foaming at the mouth…

Anyway; we sat down and continue with the evening, with everyone assuming it was my fault as usual that I had upset someone.

It was at this point that the apologises need to be made. I APLOGISE TO EVERYONE, especially Lorna, who had never really met me before and was not, forewarned what a Cunt I am when drunk.

I decided in my wisdom that although merrily drunk, I wasn’t “drunk enough” for my special 40th birthday party. I therefore thought the only way to fix this temporary aberration was to drink neat vodka….

Yep, you know what’s coming next.

The thing is, when drunk I think of all these extremely funny things, and although witty and clever in my head, by the time they come out of my mouth, and of course know one else knows the back-story going on in my addled mind, they come out like I’m being a cunt.

So I might (read: did) say a few things I shouldn’t have.
So a normal Sunday morning, being really annoyed with myself, vowing I’ll never drink in other people’s company again.

Paulie B has lessened the blow with these words:

The old "I'm not drunk enough yet" chestnut, light speed to disaster, I'm sure you'll be forgiven soon enough.  If you're not allowed to play the c**t on your 40th then when are you heh?

So a good night was had by all for 80% of the evening and my apologises again to one and all.

PS. Thank you for all the gift’s, even Steve’s. I really wasn’t expecting anything. Cheers

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PaulB said...

Sounds like a right good do, I was gutted I missed it. Then again if there is anybody who's likely to join in on the "not drunk enough" (turns into tw@t)action it's me, so maybe a blessing in disguise?

Give it a week and it will all be just another in the long line of drunken disasters than can be merrily laughed at.