Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nothing much

What the hell has happened since I last blogged…

Well apparently I wasn’t as badly behaved as I thought I was on my birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I did upset some people, but not that badly really. So I really must be growing up.

I’m trying to think what’s come and gone, Valentine’s Day was very pleasant with the Lady Wife. Last weekend I was working for most of it and so I didn’t really do anything, apart from drink Wine in the evening.

The Sale Sharks game on Sunday was a cracker, even though they lost.

This week it’s my Father’s 64th Birthday, so I’ll have to pop up there.

That’s it really. My Son is up on Saturday, which I’m really looking forward to as I have only seen him once this year.

The only other news is I had an interview the other day. It went really well, and lasted just over an hour. The really good part, was that they never got round to asking me any technical questions. We were just too busy chatting away. They are mainly interested, “so they say”, in someone who fits in to the team, rather than a technical wizard, although if they choose me, they get both.

The actual job sounds a thousand times better than this one. All I do all day is either nothing or fighting fires, at least at this new place, they do loads of projects on new technology and testing in labs…cool.

PLUS and here is the big one, they have TWO bonuses a year. You get your normal 10% each year, but they also put another 10% away as a loyalty bonus, which get’s paid to you in three years time if you are still at the company. So after the third year, you are getting two bonuses a year.

They were gob smacked when I told them I don’t get a bonus here as I don’t bring any revenue in.

Anyway, I’m not getting my hopes up at all, as that just leads to a big fall.

Things to look forward to

Pancake Day (today)

The Wife’s Birthday in a couple of weeks

Middle Son’s birthday the week after the wife’s.

Mother’s Day, the week after that.

Some hotter weather as well I hope, I just want to get out on the weekend‘s and do something.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

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