Friday, October 13, 2006

Big Night In

Well, it's been a while since I last had a hangover in work. Normally, being a member of the great unwashed, I could just lie in my bed until midday and get up feeling refreshed. But today I have to face facts; I'll be suffering until I've had my lunch. It's not pleasant. At least I don't have to go see clients (so far).

I've got coffee to help me wake up, paracetamol for my sore brain and chewie for my breath.

Coz I didn't half eat an awful lot of Doritos and Salsa Dip. I must stink like a plumbers arse.

The night itself went very well. Thanks to all who showed up. Practically half a dozen. And I managed to come last in both games of Halo I played - oh, how the mighty fall. I remember the days...


No one Really said...

It was an excellent night.

Cheers Fella

PaulB said...

Ta very much, had a great time especially winning both my games. Whoever thought of walking home though needs shooting.