Friday, October 20, 2006

Bloody Foreigners

I don't like them and I don't think they should be allowed into the Island unless they have achieved a (to be determined) level of suitability.

I would suggest a Degree (or higher) from a recognized University, no criminal record of any sort and a squeakily clean bill of health. They should also be required to invest in £20,000 worth of Government bonds for a period of 5 years. And be able to pass English GCSE (which, if my son can do it, anyone can).

When achieving citizenship, they should be required to swear allegiance to the Rock forsaking ALL others. And no dual-citizenship; you're either Manx or your not.

Australia and Canada do this kind of thing (almost) and attract rich, intelligent 'dirty foreigners' which add to the common good and who are more than keen to integrate.

We, however, are taking on a dumbass underclass who will bleed the state dry and take the average quality of life down rather than up. This smelly underclass will resent the indigenous population and will refuse to integrate which will pose problems in the future.

I hear the counter-argument that the incomers help boost the economy; read that as "my house will be worth more". Greed is no reason to forsake a Cultural Identity.

The Northern Europeans have warred, killed, suffered and toiled over the last 5,000 years to achieve the current level of security, culture and dignity that exists nowhere else. Don't squander it in a couple of decades due to political correctness. We earnt our (currently) elevated position.

It's the human "race", not the human "as long as everyone gets a turn and no-one loses or calls anyone any names" for f*cks sake.

Political Correctness? Get a f*cking backbone.

Rant over.

footnote: this is pure rhetoric - it's already too late. Wave goodbye to the old world, the world of diversity, colour, contrasts and mystery. If you can buy Chicken Nuggets in an Indian Restaurant and Chicken Tikka in Marxies, then the balance has tipped.


No one Really said...

Well bloody said fella.

Bloody come-overs, fuck OFF you scrounging gits

PaulB said...

Was going to write something nice but here are the facts that "coincide" with the influx of scrounging, waste of space fuckers to the Isle of Man

Violent Crime - Up
Drug Crime - Up
Crime In General - Up
Unemployment - Up
Social Security Spending - Up
Health Service Spending - Up
Chances of finding an NHS dentist that you've paid NI X number of years for - Down

Sources available on request.

Is it a coincidence, does the pope shit in the woods?

Manxmann said...

Actually Mikey here in Australia we have the same issues. The difference being that we arent all crammed onto one tiny island, so the immigrants form their own mini-societies in the outer suburbs.

However our Govt is now actually recognising the issues we have with assimilation and are considering bringing in an English language and Australian culture requirement.