Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bush\Blair\Innocent Deaths\Sore Knees

We watched that Flight 93 DVD last night, about the 4th Airplane that was hi-jacked on 9/11, the one where the passengers fought back. It’s was actually quite good which surprised me.

But it also leads me in to another rant about the Bush/Blair ill-legal invasion of Iraq, remembering that the Al Qaeda attack on 9/11 lead to 2752 deaths.

It has since been proved that Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks and that there were no weapons of mass destruction found either.

So how many people have the Americans killed now in Iraq:

An estimated 655,000 Iraqis have died since 2003 that might still be alive but for the US-led invasion, according to a survey by a US university. Not quite an Eye for an Eye.

There I’ve said my peace.

Back to the normal dross of my life.

I played Squash last night and managed to lose all 8 games. My fitness was starting to tell towards the end and it was getting close, it’s a pity my skill level wasn’t as high.

The negative side of playing last night is that my right knee has been in agony all night. It fact it was so sore I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned till 2.30am, then I tried an hour in the spare room, but that didn’t work either. So I popped downstairs and watched TV till 5.30am this morning. Of course I was then woken by the alarm at 7.30am.

I hate sleeping and I hate my worn out knees.

I hope I’m not too tired to go round the Canucks house tonight.

Later Days

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