Monday, October 09, 2006


We finally got rid of the Guinea Pigs…. I’m afraid the children failed in their responsibility task of looking after the little fur balls. 9 out of 10 times, it was the wife and I who ended up feeding and cleaning them out. After a final warning, we got rid of them. I’ll sort of miss them actually, but they went to a very good home.

In other news, we went to a Wedding Anniversary on Saturday Night, and I was a dancing dervish. All legs and arms… Unfortunately, there were a few people from work there, so I have had nothing but piss takes all morning. But come lunch time, they would have moved on to something else. Anyway, they are just jealous.

I also received a call late Sunday evening for one of the lads. His wife is expecting their first child in 4 weeks, and he is panicking that he won’t have the baby room ready in time. So he was wondering if I could give him a hand one day and blast our way through it, a sort of Amish Barn Raising without the guns.

Of course after I said Yes, and put the phone down I got to thinking.

He’s panicking that it won’t be ready; his first thought is, how can I get this done quickly and more importantly, cheaply. He has a reputation for being a rich miser. He has two houses and only one very small mortgage. His first thought should have been, let’s get a Professional in to do it. Then his second thought would have been, No that will cost money.

Then his thought would have been, well I actually work for myself, why not take a few days off work and get stuck in. This would have been followed, by: No, I can’t do that as I would not make any money those days.

So he finally comes up with the idea, I know, I’ll ring Paul, he can’t say no to a mate. He’ll turn up, we start sanding and then I’ll get an “emergency” call and have to go service a boiler somewhere for 4 hours and I can leave Paul to do all the work. Excellent, now where is his number?

The cheap Jewish bastard.

Things to look forward to this week:

Playing Squash Wednesday

I think that’s it really.

Ah well.


Ady Hall said...

Don't forget Thursday night for an X-box frenzy!

And yep - you have summed up the diamond geezer perfectly. Have fun sanding down the babyroom walls. And when you've finished at his place - you could pop round and give me a hand with the guttering!

And I should blog more about porn stars - give us better googleads than the latest crop of war links.

Mikey said...

Why are you reading/writing comments on this entry? My entry below is way funnier. It covers sexuality, sport and mans inhumanity to man. It rocks. Read it! Now!