Friday, October 27, 2006

Is there a God - Part IIb

In response to the response to the previous blog...

I don't want people to think I'm some kind of gay Christian. God didn't create Adam, Eve, life or even Stars. And certainly didn't shag Mary. Or Buddha. He couldn't give two shits whether you perve over your neighbours missus or kill baby sheep (aka lambs).

Life forming (or not) is not proof either way on the existence of a higher power. The likelihood of life forming is ENORMOUSLY HUGE compared to the likelihood of atoms* forming.

Imagine a length of guttering a billion miles long. Roll a marble down it, the marble will eventually find the optimum position (i.e. the bottom). This is Life. Given enough time (and guttering), it will form.

Now turn the guttering over and roll the marble along it in the vein hope it will run perfectly along the ridge of the guttering. This is the balance required for atoms to form. The slightest imperfection and the Universe is annihilated. It is the ONLY example of perfection in the Universe.

Given 18 Billion years and trillions of planets of raw material, life was BOUND to form sooner or later. It would be shocking if it hadn't (of course, who would be shocked?)

But unlike "life", atomic balance had only ONE chance in a timescale that makes a picosecond seem like an Eon.

All "God" did was instigate that balance, the rest took care of itself. God probably did that and then fucked off to the "pub" to wait for B&Q to form so he can get some odd-jobs done around the house.

If you came home from work to find your living room tastefully redecorated, your library sorted into ISBN Number order, a nice Chilli waiting on the table and live Rugby on the Telly, there comes a point where you have to accept that someone deliberately did all this and that it wasn't just a fluke.

*I use the word atoms, I might mean Leptons or Quarks or something. I really don't remember. My grasp of 'string theory' is limited to say the least.

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