Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's Time

It’s time we all stood up and let everyone know that there is in fact NO GOD. It’s not just me that thinks like this, it’s a lot of people, mostly intelligent people. If you don’t believe me, and require more reading to make up your minds, try the following posts.

LC’s is more plain language.
Wired - Battle of the New Atheism
Huffington Post - Richard Dawkins: Why there almost certainly is no god

Basically, it just plain stupid to believe in God, there is no proof, not even the slightest tiniest bit of proof. If you need to fill your live with anything, why not try either concentrating on your family or taking up a hobby or past-time.

What you shouldn’t do is anything to do with religion.

Once religion is out the way, they whole world can settle down and concentrate on repairing all the damage we have done to this planet.

Remember: There is NO SUCH THING AS GOD.

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Mikey said...

If there is no God, then why bother repairing the Earth? Our lives are such an insignificant blip in the TimeLine of the Universe, we may as well just kill, steal, rape and eat sweet-n-sour chicken until we die.