Monday, October 30, 2006

A life shared is a life halved

There is a famous book called DiscWorld in which two characters wander around having great adventures.

One of the characters is known as The Tourist. At the end of the book, he elects to go home rather than continue adventuring. When asked why, he replies that the point of adventuring is just to create memories for him to reminisce about from the comfort of his armchair.

Life is a bit like that. We lead interesting, eventful lives just so we have something to talk about when we reach 70.

One of the advantages of having a lifelong partner is that the memory database is shared. I like nothing better than sitting down in the evening with Shirley and a cup of cocoa and getting all nostalgic about the colourful episodes from our past.

"Remember when Take-That first came out", I say, "and we went to that party and I was dancing and everyone thought I moved like Robbie Williams? I was such a good dancer back then"

"No, what I remember is you being totally pissed, stumbling about the dancefloor and everyone staring at you coz you're such a twat. God I was embarrassed"

"Yeah, and that Cat Suit made you look like a slut"

"I looked good in that Cat Suit, you bastard!"


Okay, not a good example.

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