Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today and Stuff

Quiet night last night, the only highlight was making the Chilli for tonight; apparently it is better if it is left to rest for a day or so. Plus I added the secret ingredient. Which I won’t tell what it is until after we taste it, I am not one of those that taste’s food as it cooks. If it’s going to be horrible, I’d rather not know till the last minute and then there’s nothing that can be done. A sort of fatalist cooking mantra.

In other news, as usual I was reading Stuff magazine and stumbled upon a cool bit of kit that I instantly thought, I’d like one of those. So I’ve spent all morning looking up reviews of it, and they are all very good. So I have decided that it’s my Christmas and Birthday present rolled in to one.

It’s a Sandisk Sansa E series, which comes in various sizes from 2GB to 8GB flash memory. The pros are: it plays all the usual Music formats, it also plays videos and displays photos on a very nice TFT screen. It also has a MicroSD card slot to expand the memory even more. Plus and the big plus, they are very cheap for all the features you get.

That’s this morning’s work, what shall I virtual buy this afternoon?

What to do this afternoon. Roll on 5.00pm.

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